Neutral Zone Clean products are HERE! We offer products for everyone in your family with a focus on martial artists, wrestlers, and weightlifters. Neutral Zone Clean Wipes and Spray help kept you clean and fresh after just about anything that makes you sweat. Protect yourself and your family with Neutral Zone Clean. Check back monthly for new product launches and specials. Keep up with everything Neutral Zone by subscribing to our Newsletter below.

We’re Neutral Zone Clean…Are you?

Our goal for Neutral Zone Clean is to help in the prevention of bacterial and fungal spread with our special blend of natural ingredients, giving you a clean and refreshing feeling. Getting off the mat, working out in the gym, mowing the grass, playing golf, gardening, or whatever makes you sweat, we want to hear about how these products make you feel and yes… smell! We challenge you to try them on anything that smells and let us know what you think.