Neutral Zone Clean products are HERE! We offer products for everyone in your family with a focus on martial artists, wrestlers, and weightlifters. Neutral Zone Clean Wipes, Spray, Soap, and Shower Gel to help keep you clean and fresh after just about anything that makes you sweat. Protect yourself and your family with Neutral Zone Clean. Check back monthly for new product launches and specials. Keep up with everything Neutral Zone by subscribing to our Newsletter below.

We’re Neutral Zone Clean…Are you?


At Neutral Zone Clean, our primary objective is to contribute to the deterrence of bacterial and fungal proliferation using our exclusive fusion of natural elements. Immerse yourself in the revitalizing sensation of cleanliness and rejuvenation. Whether you’re stepping away from the mat, engaging in intense gym sessions, out for a quick run, enjoying a round of golf, or indulging in gardening, our products have you covered. We eagerly await your feedback, not only on the transformative effects but also the aroma. We extend a challenge – put our products to the test on anything emitting an odor, and share your invaluable insights with us.

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