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My name is Mike Davis, President of Neutral Zone. I am from the Detroit area and currently live in North Carolina. Some of you may know me from helping coach our son Chase in wrestling and maybe have even seen us on a Jiu Jitsu mat. A little history about me is while I wrestled at a young age, I will own the fact that I just wasn’t that great. I dabbled in some martial arts post high school. But, my love for these sports was brought back to life again when Chase started wrestling at 5 and jiu jitsu at 6 years old. Both Chase and I began training Jiu Jitsu here in the Charlotte area around the same time and have competed together a couple times. There is nothing like standing on the podium with your son!
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But, over these last 4 years, Chase and I have had our share of ringworm and other popular skin conditions that come from being on a mat. It is horrible to miss time on the mat (especially competitions) due to a breakout of these skin conditions. How embarrassing is it to be all bandaged up going to school? Or shaved heads due to ringworm in the hair? Or when creating photo memories with people our kids look up to with bandages on their bodies?

We have tried so many treatments and we have even used post workout products to reduce this type of risk. Chase has definitely experienced more of these issues due to the amount of time he spends on the mat. Some of these treatments we used he liked and some he didn’t for various reasons. As a family, we have talked about this subject for a while and REALLY wanted to find a solution. We began asking teammates and friends what they liked and what they didn’t as we were trying to come up with a solution. As some of you know, Neutral Zone has Sports Recovery products. Our Sports Recovery formulator (Sara) is amazing. We met with her and discussed the skin issues we are seeing, as well the need for a quick refresher post workouts. We also had many conversations about current items on the market, our ideas for new products and the ideas/needs of those friends and teammates we surveyed. We think we have the products we are looking for.

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