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Prevent Ringworm with Neutral Zone Clean: A Message from Mike Davis, President

Greetings, I’m Mike Davis, the President of Neutral Zone. Originally from Detroit and now residing in North Carolina, you might recognize me from coaching our son Chase in wrestling or spotting us on a Jiu Jitsu mat. While my early wrestling days weren’t remarkable, my passion for sports reignited when Chase started wrestling at 5 and Jiu Jitsu at 6. Both of us embarked on our Jiu Jitsu journey in Charlotte, competing together and sharing podium moments.

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Over the past 4 years, Chase and I have faced skin conditions like ringworm, stemming from our mat experiences. Missing out on valuable mat time, particularly during competitions, due to these conditions is undoubtedly frustrating. The embarrassment of attending school with bandages or coping with shaved heads due to scalp ringworm is a challenge. Even capturing cherished photos with role models becomes a concern with visible body bandages.

In our pursuit of solutions, we’ve tried numerous treatments and post-workout products to mitigate the risk. Due to Chase’s extensive mat hours, he’s particularly susceptible to these issues. Some treatments resonated, while others didn’t. As a family, we’ve earnestly discussed this topic, seeking effective remedies. We sought insights from friends and teammates, exploring their preferences and experiences to find a way forward.

As many of you might be aware, Neutral Zone offers a range of Sports Recovery products. Our expert formulator, Sara, played an integral role. Conversations with her delved into the skin challenges we faced and the need for rapid post-workout rejuvenation. Our discussions encompassed existing market offerings, new product concepts, and feedback from surveyed friends and teammates.

We’re excited to introduce our solutions: Neutral Zone Clean now presents Wipes, Spray, Soaps, and Shower Gels designed to combat gym-related funk and tackle skin concerns head-on.

We invite you to experience Neutral Zone Clean and discover your personal Neutral Zone – where wellness and confidence converge. Say goodbye to skin issues and embrace a healthier, more vibrant you!

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